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Our Projects

Nu Jerusalem

This new take on the classic hymn, Jerusalem, was arranged and produced by Nick Laird Clowes for Ecotricity.   It was our idea to make an anthem celebrating a future powered by renewable energy.  Some of Britain's best musicians took part anonymously   The song is available on ITunes. Proceeds go to the Green Britain Foundation.

Make The Difference.

​We were commissioned by The Green Party to make their party political broadcast.  The film, directed by Rebecca Frayn,  was shown on the BBC and ITV.    The brief had been to create piece of communication that would remind voters that they were responsible for looking after future generations as well as themselves.  We are very happy to report that the Green Party now has more elected officials than ever before.   

A Time Comes...

Directed by Nick Broomfield, this is the story of six Greenpeace protesters who climbed the smokestack of the Kingsnorth power station to raise awareness of the government's plans to give permission for French energy giant EDF to build six coal fired power plants across the UK.  The Observer released the film through its website and ran a six page feature on the saga of Kingsnorth and the making of A Time Comes.  Shortly thereafter EDF abandoned its coal expansion plans in the UK.  We can't say it was all down to these guys, but their courage and conviction certainly helped.  It was a privilege to be able to tell their story.

When I grow up...

​​​Rebecca Frayn directed this ad for Enough is Enough.  The brief here was to create a piece of communication that they could use to raise awareness of the risks of endless airport expansion.  We developed the concept and produced the three minute film, with the help of a first class features crew.  The children in the film, for the most part, all live and attend school under the flight path to and from Heathrow.  An airplane roars over their heads every 50 seconds all day, every day.

Others We Love

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Unilever Project Sunlight

Happy Feet 

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