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About Us


Bright Green Pictures' mission is to engage top creative talent in supporting the health of the environment. BGP was founded by Christina Robert in 2008 after witnessing the impact of, An Inconvenient Truth.  It remains clear that engaging with audiences through the medium of filmed entertainment is a highly effective way to raise awareness and engage hearts and minds on important issues.   Our ethos is to celebrate and promote the good stuff as much as possible.  We believe in the intelligence of nature and the better nature of human beings.  

Christina Robert - Producer

Christina Robert has been in and around the film business for 20 years as both an executive and a producer.  She created and wrote the Accidental Ecologist column for Conde Nast’s Easy Living Magazine for five years; Conde Nast's first and only dedicated green pages.  She continues to write for newspapers and magazines and online.   She is a Trustee of the environmental law firm, ClientEarth.


Eski Thomas - Producer
Eski Thomas’s background is academic and in film. In 2000 she and Julien Temple started making pro-bono environmental communications, initially for Greenpeace. One of them, the award winning, “The Ancient Forests” was seen worldwide (pre-Youtube) by millions of people. She is currently writing a non-fiction book and a screenplay

Rebecca Frayn - Director

Rebecca Frayn is a writer and film maker who likes to engage with the issues of the day.  As a director, her work has spanned a wide variety of quirky documentaries and some drama for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.  As a writer she has published two novels, One Life and Deceptions and written a feature film about Aung San Suu Kyi, The Lady, which won the Amnesty International Human Rights Film Award in 2011.  She has also undertaken a wide variety of environmental lobbying, including directing two short films with Bright Green Pictures.

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